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 Dibrugarh is a district which is located in the state named Assam(India).Assam is located near by the countries like China ,Myanmar and Bangladesh and Bhutan. The district named Dibrugarh is located in Upper Assam .Assam is divided into two parts and its called Upper Assam and Lower Assam. Most of the Mongoloids people are living in most of the villages of Dibrugarh district.

Dibrugarh is famous for its tea gardens and petroleum production and for its beautiful nature and various business activities .

My journey was began on 3rd December 2020 .On the way I found beautiful paddy fields with golden colours ,because its the time for harvesting ,some ladies and gentleman were there at the paddy field

Paddy field ,away from the national highway

Production of rice is the main source of livelihood for the most of the people of Assam. Rice is the staple food of Assamese people.

The district named Dibrugarh is also famous for its historical sites although most of its historical sites are not famous ,such kind of historical site is also located along side the national highway number 37 of Assam in Dibrugarh.

The city located in Dibrugarh is called Dibrugarh city ,the city is not a big city but you will not be deprived of basic facilities .You may find beautiful hotels for lodging and food.

Chokidinghee is the small site where a small market is located where I found meat ,vegetables and fish market along with groceries .When I am writing about market than I would like to mention about those tiny shops which are belong to poor people ,you may find only cigarettes ,candies and snacks in these shops and such kind of tiny shops are located along side the national highway. Some poor people established such kind of shops in front of their homes because they do not have more money to go to town and occupy a small piece of land along side foot path for establishing their businesses, these small businessmen needed to wait for customer impatiently. Government should help such kind of poor businessmen .I have found small shops built with bamboo are located alongside the national highway which leads to Dibrugarh, anyone can buy fish and vegetables from these shops. These shops are located in a very dangerous site because its located alongside road and a road accident may cause serious harm to its owners and customers.


There are more different sites and activities along with the lifestyles of Tribal people of Dibrugarh enthralls each and every tourists. If you want to visit the district named Dibrugarh than you may travel the ASSAM TOURISM website.


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