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Traveling To Mamonglam ,a Beautiful Site of Cochin or Kochi,State: Kerala

The site name Mamongalam is located in a small corner of Kochi or Cochin.The site is beautiful with its good inhabitants ,local inhabitants of this site has been taking very good steps to fight with Covid 19 outbreak
Image 1
Fight against CoronaVirus
By the inhabitants 
Of Mamonglam in 2020

Mamongalam is located at the outskirt of Palarivattom Junction and the pincode is same and it is 682025. Kochi metro train also runs through Mamongalam.
Image 2
The Beautiful Mamongalam
Kochi Metro Route (established with the help of pillars)
Image 3
Beautiful Sunset 
Image 4

Image 5
The Highway and metro route

If you want to travel the small site name Mamonglam and if your location will Earnakulam north and south than you have to board in the bus which leads to Edapally Junction.Why this site named Mamongalam
is  good for traveling ? The answer is the beautiful location of the site and now I am going to uploaded some beautiful photos of Mamonglam and after that I will write more about the location 
Image 6
The Beautiful Mamongalam (Kerala)

Image 7
The Beautiful Mamongalam(Kerala)
Image 8
The Beautiful Mamongalam
Kochi Metro route (the bridge)

At first I want to inform you that Mamongalam is a better site for tourists because of the medical facilities . Mamongalam is famous for its big private hospital or nursing home name Renai Medicity 
Image 9
Renai Medicity (the hospital)

In this month I went to Renai Medicity and I found its a good nursing home for get better treatment . It's a very clean and hygienic hospital I ever found . patients need to fill up the form if  want medical treatment there. A beautiful front office is located there from where I collected a form and submit in the front office . Employees of the front office are very helpful .After submitted the form they provide a tocken number to the particular medical department which was mentioned by a patient in the form . My blood pressure and body weight checked before in a separate cabin before going to Doctors chamber.
I like the treatment and I am relieved from the disease from which I was suffered.There fore I think this medical name Renai Medicity is also helpful to the tourists who need medical attention.

Those tourists who are righteous may 
visit ST.MARY'S KNANAYA CENTRE ,it is beautiful Church for offering prayers to the God.
Image 10
Signboard which
Shows the location 

Image 9
Image 11

The ST MARY'S KNANYAYA CENTRE (CHURCH) is located behind the corporate office of Reliance Jio.Lots of devotees comes on Sunday for offering prayers to God.The only day for offering prayers is Sunday .
There is a tiny temple situated nearby the Church regarding the Hindu God
named Shiva 
Image 12
The Tiny Shiva Temple 

Devotees related to Hindu Community comes to offer prayers to the Lord Shiva. 
The temple is not historical ,this is a small modern temple with new architecture ,the temple is made with only brick walls and iron fencing.The roof of the temple is covered by iron fencing, therefore we may say that there no cover in the roof of that tiny temple .The temple was built by the owner of the building named PUKALAKATTU KARIYATTU TOWER ,this building is on rent to the India's big Corporate Company RELIANCE JIO INFOCOM(Reliance Jio is a Telecommunication company owned by Reliance Industries).
Image 13

There is an another Church named MOUNT CARMEL CHURCH  in Mamongalam ,this CHURCH remain open daily for offering prayer . Devotees comes early in the morning to offer prayers 
Image 14
Mount Carmel Church
(Early in the morning)
Image 15
Mount Carmel Church
(Remain Closed these days because  
Covid-19 outbreak in the whole world)

I found a small supermarket in the corner of a residential area which is free of commotions of more vehicles ,it's a very clean area where smoking is also prohibited,there are no more shops here in this corner ,it's a very beautiful residential area in Mamongalam
Image 16 
The small and tidy
Disciplined Supermarket 
at the corner of a residential area

My current location is Yeshoram Colony. The name of  the small road is BTS CROSS ROAD which leads to   my room.A colony has been established along side the road named YESHORAM COLONY.
It's is a very  well disciplined and tidy colony . An institution named CENTRAL INSTITUTE OF AVIATION AND AEROSPACE RESEARCH  is located at Chethana junction of BTS CROSS ROAD in Mamongalam.
Image 16
Central Institute of Aviation and Aviation Research, Mamonglam

To be continued...


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