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Travelling Vellore ,The Beautiful District Of Tamilnadu

Vellore,this is the name which was hearing by myself from my childhood .When I was in childhood than I frequently heard the name Vellore which was uttered by seniors of my fathers age or by my friends and this name Vellore made my mind curious to travel the district. Vellore is famous in my homeland named Assam because of its medical facilities .Most of the patients comes to Vellore from different neighbouring countries which are located near by the border of India  to get better medical treatment. One of the famous hospital in Vellore is Christian Medical College (CMC).
Image 1
Christian Medical College ,Vellore,Tamilnadu,India

Image 2
Entrance of Christian Medical College,Vellore,Tamilnadu,India

Image 3
Inside the Campus of Christian Medical College,Vellore,Tamilnadu, India

Christian Medical College or Hospital ,Vellore  is  running by private enterprise.It was established in 1900.Various departments of Medical Science and treatment is available in this medical college .I had mentioned earlier that I am belong to the state Assam which is situated in the northeastern part of India. The name of the district to which I am belong is Dibrugarh.Currently I am living in Cochin ,a beautiful city of Kerala state.The distance between my home city Dibrugarh to Cochin is 3,722.2 km .
Image 4
Inside the Campus of Christian Medical College, 

I am living in Kerala since 2013(the year).You may think that why I crossed 3,722.2 K.M to stay in Cochin ! The answer of your thought is that I had never thought to come to south Indian state named KERALA .I just heared the name or found the name KERALA in my high school syllabus. I did not know about the location of Kerala and the geography of Kerala ,but I knew that there is a state in India which name is KERALA.
I could not found any job at my home state 
After finishing my study because of corruption in government sectors of Assam.There were no private investment in Assam because of militancy on that particular period .I was depressed and I was sitting idle at my home .Suddenly I met a person at my auntie s home who was working in Kerala and told me to come to Kerala to work in a private institution in Kerala. He told me that "I will dial to you from Kerala if there would be some vacancies".
The year was 2013 and the month was June 
I got a Phone call from Kerala and the caller was that person whom I met at my auntie s home and who was also a native of my home town.He told me to go to Kerala and he told me that he arranged a job for me in a private security company in Kerala ,at first was hesitated because in India nobody shows respect to the private security guard.But some how I made my  mind to come to Kerala because at that time there were no options for me .
On 29 the July 2013 I arrived in Cochin at 2am in the morning .The name of the railway station is Earnakulam north ,Earnakulam is a District of Kerala and Kochi is the city of this district. Kochi is a big city with its beauty.
My friend who invited me to Kerala to join in a private job received me and led me to his hostel where he stays. Next they one of his friend led me to the office of a private security company and I have joined the company and they deployed me at a resort ,and the name of that resort was VIVANTA By taj resort which is situated in the Kasorgod district of Kerala state. I was there for one year and I came back to the Earnakulam district and joined another company.
Now you may understand that since 2013 I am living in Kerala state.
Kerala is a neighbouring state of Tamilnadu .Therefore my childhood dream to travel Vellore fulfilled.
There was also a reason which was appeared recently in my mind and the reason was the pain in my left leg. My left leg was injured when I was in college.I was a sports person and I liked body building and therefore I joined a gym which was not well equipped,the gym was located in a small hut because some boys of our college established that gym by themselves and due to some economical problems the gym was established in a small hut which had  a wall made with bamboo and the admission and monthly fees was not a high amount.
Once a Power Lifting competition was held in our college and I was participated and injured my left leg. I was on medical treatment at my homeland but not fully cured and therefore my intention was also to go to Vellore to get better medical treatment.
Let's discuss about my  current location in Kerala from where my journey began to Vellore.
Currently I am living in a place and the name of the site is Mamonglam which is located in Earnakulam District of Kerala.
My journey began in March 2020 and the date was 16th. There are no direct train to Vellore .To go Vellore we need to buy train tickets to the Katpadi railway junction of Tamilnadu.

Image 5
Katpadi Junction

Katpadi Junction is a beautiful junction ,it is very big junction thousands of passengers arrived daily in Katpadi railway junction 

Image 6

Beautiful Katpadi railway ticketing counter and rest location for the railway passengers

Now if you wanted to know about to buy railway ticket to Katpadi than my answer is that you may buy railway ticket online or you may go to the railway counter ,bus services are also available from Earnakulam(Kerala)to Katpadi(Tamilnadu),but I bought the railway ticket online .The boarding time was 13:10 in march 16th 2020.
I reached Earnakulam North Railway station at 12:30 pm(there are two railway station in Earnakulam ,1.Earnakulam North Railway Station 2.Earnakulam South Railway station or Junction).
Earnakulam North Railway Station is located nearby my rented house, therefore I have selected Earnakulam North Railway Station.
The train arrived on definite time.The name of the train was Hyderabad Express. The distance from Earnakulam to Katpadi junction is 570km

Image 6

My online ticket to Katpadi (Click on the image to read)

I have uploaded my railway ticket for you're knowledge (may be you will find it funny😁).Journey began ,there were only few passengers in the train because of the Corona outbreak. Everyone were so scared that most of them cancelled there trip. I was also scared but I was compelled to go to Vellore because of my poor health and I had already taken appointment by online to check up by  the orthopedic doctor

Image 7

My appointment to doctor(receipt)
(Click at the image if want to read)

(I had taken appointment for my Orthopaedic treatment at CMC by online )

I reached Katpadi at 00:30. I didn't mind the platform number , sorry for that.I stepped down from the train and I was searching for toilet a small toilet was there near by the railway track which was overflowed , even the floor of that toilet was filled with urine.I stepped back although I wanted to enter.There could be 15minutes distance to the ticketing cum rest room(railway station) from that platform to where I had stepped down.I went to the railway station and reached by the help of railway foot bridge.

I was roaming aimlessly at the station because the time was only 00:45 .I had decided to roam at the exit point and I had reached in  front of the beautiful entrance area of the railway where the autorickshaw stand is located.Auto drivers were approached to me to ask whether I need an autorickshaw to go to my destination.They were desperate when they were informed by me that I need auto at 10am because my appointment is at 10:30 in CMC medical. 
Suddenly my eyesight fell to the dormitory which was located in front of the enquiry counter.Suddenly an idea came to my mind to take rest at the dormitory because it was only 1:00am at the clock. My body will be refresh if I will have four or five hours rest.I approached near by the counter of dormitory to pay and reserve a bed for me in the dormitory,but I was informed by the counter authority that there are no bed for me in the dormitory because if I want to take rest at dormitory than I needed to book it online as soon as my railway ticket booked.
 I sighed and again started to roaming , Katpadi is a big railway junction therefore it's better to pass time by roaming here and there.I was roaming from this platform to that platform 
Image 8
The nearby Platform at Katpadi
Where I found a lodge

I found a lodge at the nearby platform  and I entered ,but there was no room for me ,all were filled with guests.
At 4:00am I got out from the platform by another route which was discovered suddenly by myself I approached in a small lane which was situated under a overbridge
I found a small tea stall there which opens early in the morning . I entered and stood outside of the tea stall because there were no seat's .The stall owner was a poor person ,he had a kerosene stove for preparing tea and there were some snacks and biscuits in a showcase.He offered me tea  in a disposable cup with a traditional snake of Tamilnadu. The owner of the tea stall was fluent to speak Hindi language .I asked him about the distance to CMC medical College ,he told me that it's needed hardly 15 minutes to reach there from Katpadi to CMC Medical College and he also advised me to go by bus because the the fare of auturikshaw is very high in the early morning ,I would  need to pay  120/ rupees if I hire autorickshaw to CMC medical college but if I go by bus than I have to pay only 20/rupees as bus fare. At that moment a person at the age of 70 years (may be) appeared on the scene ,he was very fluent in spoken English.He talked with me in English ,he asked me about my current parmanent location where I am staying.
He told me that people of Kerala are very decent people and the administrative system of Kerala is very good and we chated for few minutes on different topics .Now the time was 4:30 am and I said goodbye to those good people and reached in the highway . I found a bus stop alongside the road and two persons were sitting there at the bus stop and I asked them about the location that I need to stand to go to the CMC medical college. They rudely answered "we don't know".
At 4:45am an autorikshaw  appeared at the site along side road one passenger was there in the autorikshaw and the autorikshaw driver asked "Where to go"? I answered to CMC. Come and sit he said .I asked "how much fare will you charge "? "Only 25/ rupees" ,he said .Than I understood that if someone hire an autorikshaw than need to pay 120/ rupees and there will be passengers in auto who didn't hire the autorikshaw than need to pay 25 /rupees to CMC by each passengers.(But in Kerala there are no such systems .In Kerala the fare is dependable on k.m ,no special hiring rate is here in Kerala and it is good ,in Kerala no another person's except any passengers colleagues are allowed to go with the passenger , in Kerala autodrivers are not greedy and they don't charge more amount of money as fare from passengers, autorikshaw counters are also located in Kerala at railway stations and road junctions  , passengers needed to pay one rupee at the counter and the passengers get tickets ,the location and the fare mentioned in the tickets and it is also very helpful,but all the autorikshaw are not inducted under counters because no more such kind of counters are established ,but no need to worry for that because drivers are honest and therefore mosts tourists like to travel kerala for its good people).That passenger was a lady which was sitting in the autorikshaw and therefore I was hesitated because lots of fake molestation cases are lodging by women's in India these in these days for earning money by some stupid women and it was also dark in 4:45am in Tamilnadu.Some how I dared to sit with her ,the autorikshaw driver found one more passenger on the way ,than I released a sigh of relief because atleast one more passenger is with me although it was a gentleman, because no one will trust a men as a witness if he supports a male victim,no matter whether a gentleman is innocent or not ,his image may be destroy in a few seconds if a lady will slapped a fake accusations against him.The innocent gentleman will be humiliated by media and Police or administration,he will become a dracula ,molestar or a ugly star in society .

Somehow I arrived in my destination 
called Christian Medical College at 05:03 am
There were two private security personnel
at the beautiful entrance of CMC medical,I had shown my appointment paper and asked about the apartment that I had to go,
I reached at the location where Doctors will be available for Orthopaedic medical treatment.There are some huge buildings at the CMC medical college campus. Various departments related various medical subjects are located on those buildings.My location was B -30 ,B for Basement ,the department for my Orthopaedic treatment located at basement of that building.
The security personnels of that building told me
that my reporting time is 10:30am at the counter of the Orthopaedic department because it was mentioned in my appointment slip  therefore I need to come to at 10:30am to the counter.Now I had sufficient time for roaming therefore I had decided to roam the small town of Vellore .
I have done breakfast in a hotel and after that got out from the hotel to roam the town.
Vellore town is a beautiful town.I had click some photos and I published it below
Image 9
Vellore Town

Image 10
Vellore Town

Image 11
Vellore Town

Image 12
Vellore Town

Image 13
Vellore Town
Businessmans related to
Bengali Community
Flourishing at Vellore
Image 14
Vellore Town

Image 15
Vellore Town

Image 16
Vellore Town

I came back to the orthopaedic counter of B30.Security guard was standing in the entrance .I showed him my appointment and he gave me two paper band ,and one was wrapped at my forearm .I entered the basement of the building ,I approached at the counter and showed my appointment slip ,the counter authority had written a token or serial number at the slip and the number was sixteen. Patients were sitting in front of the counter ,the location was tidy and disciplined.There were separate chambers for the each Orthopaedic doctors.
I found one electronic monitor where tocken numbers and doctor's chambers  or room numbers displayed
Image 17
Monitor for displaying
Token and Doctors chambers numbers

The Chamber number 5 was the doctor's chamber regarding my Orthopaedic treatment  and the name of the doctor was
Dr.Hariharan Td. I frequently looked at the monitor but the token number 10 was stuck till two hours .I became upset and asked the counter authority about the matter and the reply was wait.I was waiting for four hours but the tocken number 10was stuck there .I was more angry for that because I was not sleeping the previous night .I founded a poster which was paste at the wall of the patients waiting room and said if you open an account in the name of CMC medical college and you will deposit 20,000/ rupees than you don't need to collect tocken number from the counter and you may meet your doctor directly . 
 Image 18
The poster which made
Me upset and angry

Ultimately my turn came after four hours and I was very upset because such kind of waiting hours were never came to my life in Kerala when I went to any medical institutions of Kerala.I entered in doctors chamber no 5 but there were no doctor .I had waited for 20 minutes but no doctor appeared.After 20 minutes Doctor appeared on the scene ,at least four persons entered the doctor's Chamber and they started to chat with doctor ,I became impatient and angry and I left the doctor Chamber quietly without medical treatment.I had decided to come back to my permanent location in Kerala.I hired an autorikshaw and came back to Katpadi railway station .The time was 3:50pm(may be).I bought a ticket for general compartment and boaded in the train named Vivek Express whose route is from Dibrugarh (Assam)  to Kanyakumari (Kerala).I arrived Earnakulam at 2:30am with a frustrated mind ,I thought why such type of corruptions are increased , only money matters ! I have lodged a complaint in Consumer Forum by online against CMC medical college 




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